NIFAAS is Calling for Submission of  CSA Case Studies/ Successful stories

Do You have a Case Study and/or Success Story to Share in the Area of CSA in Nigeria? This is an Opportunity Can’t Miss!



  • The Best Submission to Win a Prize
  • Four (4) Others to Receive Consolation Prizes
  • ALL Selected Stories/ Case Studies to be Published in AFAAS Continental Publication in November 2021


Important Dates

  • Indication of Interest, with a story outline: 1st-6th October 2021
  • Submission of First Draft: 10th October 2021
  • Submission of Final Draft: 16th October 2021


Make Submission to:

WHATSAPP Message to: +234 806 960 3859 and +234 803 642 6505


The Thematic Areas are:

1 crop production

2 Biological control

3 Conservation Agriculture

4 Livestock Agriculture

5 Aquaponics

6Farming systems

7 precision Agriculture

8 market linkages/ marketing information

9 Remote sensing


Guidelines for Writing

  1. The story must have a degree of innovativeness and will be related to climate  smart agricultural initiatives
  2. The story must not be more than one thousand and five hundred (1,500) words
  3. It should be logical and based on experience rather than mere fiction
  4. it should be concise and precise
  5. It should be appealing and written in a narrative form in formal English
  6. It should be written in such a way that it would interest readers at first sight
  7. Supported with data, figures and pictures
  8. It must be a new story/ not published anywhere before (Repackaged story from a new perspective may also be considered, as long as it is a personal experience)
  9. Must be related to CSA and from the thematic areas above
  10. Embedded videos (as evidence) are also encouraged, where necessary.




Name author   
Tentative title  ONE idea: new, relevant, different (marketing terms)


  • What is this article about, where does it come from, where is it being presented to, etc

(not more than 10% of length of article))

  • What is the problem that this experience wanted to solve / address?
  • Where did this experience take place? (country, region, province, district, town, village)
  • When did it start, and how long did it take?
  • Who was involved in these activities / experience?
  • What was the general context (social, environmental, political, economic, etc.) that shaped the process?
(approx. 25%)
  • What were the main activities?
  • Where, when and for how long did each activity take place
  • Remember to add data
  • What were the main results or achievements?
  • Were there some unexpected results?
  • What were the challenges you encountered?
(at least 40%, preferably 50% )
Impact / participation / etc.
  • Is this experience good in terms of …?
  • If so, why?
Success factors 
  • What were the conditions (institutional, economic, social and environmental) that were needed for this practice to be successful?
  • What was the contribution of your organization / colleagues / others?
  • What were the factors that prevented the team from even better results?
  • Why is it that better results were not possible?
  • Are these activities going to continue in the future?
  • What are the elements needed for this to happen?
  • Are other organizations / groups capably of replicating it?

(approx. 10%)

  • What are the key learnings?
  • What are the key recommendations we make






WORD Count: 1,500 words maximum