NIFAAS is in the process of publishing a book on Extension Methods. Below are suggested topics which are not exhaustive. Please if you have other topics which are not included here, please let me know.

Interested members are invited to write on any of the chapters. Procedure is, pick a chapter of your choice and inform the editor, through his WhatsApp no- 08035485064. Editor will in turn inform you on whether to go ahead. Depending on the responses, authors may be merged. It is strictly, first come, first served.


Prof. Ike Nwachukwu



  1. Extension services
  2. Extension methodology


  1. Methods
  2. Personal
  3. Group
  4. Mass
  5. Personal/ individual


  1. Extension contacts—farm visit, house visit, telephone calls
  2. Fellow farmers
  3. Contact farmers
  4. Relatives/neigh boughs
  5. Demonstration—used in all types
  6. Group
  7. Extension contact
  8. Training / demonstration
  9. Farmer-field-school
  10. Meetings
  11. Fadama group
  12. Field days
  13. Field trip
  14. Tours


  1. Mass

Mass media- radio, tv newspaper, leaflets, posters, etc

  1. Telephone- helpline, question and answer calls
  2. Internet- cyber community
  3. Social media
  4. Agric apps


  1. Using appropriate methods


  1. Extension approaches
  2. Public or private
  3. Profit or non-profit
  4. General or commodity based
  5. Multipurpose or single purpose
  6. Technology driven or need driven
  7. Demand or supply driven

Approaches usually influence method used

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