There is a saying that ‘technicians rule the world’. And indeed, no salary earner has ever been cited in the Wold Book of wealthy men and women. In today’s world of economic uncertainties, there is no issue that should be addressed as a matter of urgent national importance than that of skills acquisition, especially with regard to our teeming youths. There seems to be a failure of our education system in yielding the expected economic self-sustenance and sufficiency after years of training in the school environment. A skill is the ability to do something well, usually gained through training or experience. Skill acquisition thus involves the development of a new skill, practice or a way of doing things, which is gained through training or experience. Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become expert in it.

Thus in this age of ‘huge’ parade of unemployment and idleness among our youths, compounded by a milieu of general economic recession, the National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services (NAERLS) is posed to bring succour to these ‘future leaders’. As you may be aware, NAERLS is one of the university-based agricultural research institutes in Nigeria. And it is saddled with the responsibility of disseminating proven agricultural technologies among farmers of all categories in Nigeria. One important feature of the Institute is that it houses specialists in all aspect of agriculture and agricultural support services. These specialists, who are agents of development in agricultural ventures, are mandated to reach out to Nigerian populace with enormous agricultural knowledge and skills. This is where the Institute’s Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (SAEDC) comes in.

The Centre is the hub of all skilled trades in agriculture and agricultural support services. It is located at the headquarters in Zaria, Kaduna State. The Centre recently conducted training in poultry and aquaculture production for more than 1000 youths. The new management, under the leadership of Prof. Mohammed K. Othman, has renewed its efforts at repositioning SAEDC with regard to sustainable and effective entrepreneurship development especially of women and youths. The trades/skills of focus are:

  1. Poultry production
  2. Fish and Aquaculture Production
  3. Small and Large Ruminant Production
  4. Green House and Crop Production
  5. Apiculture
  6. Landscaping and Horticulture
  7. Agricultural Engineering-Based Support Services
  8. Camera Handling and Photography
  9. Catering and Food Services

These trainings are patterned on the principle of ‘Do-it-yourself-profitably’. The Centre is capable of conducting trainings for individuals and groups in these trades of focus. It is open to individuals, groups, organizations, donor agencies, NGOs, etc. For more information, you can contact the management of the centre through and