Workshop on the Use of AFAAS Virtual Social Network Platform (VSNP) for Advisory Services

Date: January 2017


vsnpThe African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) is a continental platform for mutual learning and innovation among agricultural extension and advisory services providers across Africa. AFAAS, alongside GFRAS, is the parent organization of NIFAAS. As part of its strategies for fostering inter-regional experiential sharing of information and collaboration, as well as building real-time online advisory services platform, AFAAS has developed a Virtual Social Networking Platform (VSNP) using its web-link Users are encouraged to register and create their account. With this account, they are given permission to create and manage online contents and participate in ICT-enabled discussions with researchers, field extension agents, farmers and other stakeholders. The utilization of the VSNP is intuitive like Facebook and other platforms that are popular online.



AFAAS’ partnership with the Nigeria Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (NIFAAS) is such that there is mutual collaboration and information sharing with both AFAAS secretariat and other country fora in Africa, as well as with our global parent, GFRAS. Therefore, the specific objectives will be:

  1. To introduce NIFAAS members to the concept of mutual information sharing on advisory service provision in Africa using AFAAS VSNP
  2. To teach how to create, upload and manage contents on the AFAAS VSNP platform
  3. To teach how NIFAAS members can use AFAAS VSNP in real-time online advisory service provision

Target Audience

The workshop is primarily meant for members of NIFAAS who are professionals directly involved in agricultural extension and rural advisory services. These include: professionals in Research Institutes, Universities, Colleges of Agriculture and related Institutions, practitioners in both the Federal and States Ministries of Agriculture, NGOs in agriculture and rural development, and farmer-based organizations (FBOs).


Training Method

The training is in three batches, one each for members in the north, southeast/south-south, and southwest zone. The purpose is to cut cost with regard to travel and accommodation for participants. By this arrangement, the resource person would travel to each zone conduct the training. The workshop details are as follow:


Zone: Northern zone (30th January 2017)

Venue: National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services, Ahmadu Bello University (NAERLS/ABU) Conference Hall, Zaria, Kaduna State


Zone: Southeast/south-south (Date yet to be finalized)

Venue: Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State


Zone: Southwest (26th January 2017)

Venue: Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ibadan, Oyo State



  1. By the workshop design, accommodation for participants would not be arranged, as everyone is  expected to attend from neighbouring towns.
  2. Transport arrangements will NOT be made for the few travelling from towns outside the workshop venues. This will be taken as their contribution to the workshop cost


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