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GFRAS1The 7th GFRAS Annual Meeting: The Role of Rural Advisory Services for Inclusive Agripreneurship

3 – 6 October 2016, Cameroon

The 7th GFRAS Annual Meeting will gather participations from all regions, gender, ages, and sectors involved in agricultural and rural advisory services (RAS) to discuss, learn, exchange, and formulate recommendations on the roles and required capacities of RAS for supporting inclusive agripreneurship as important element of sustainable rural development. Aside from this thematic discussions and related field trips on day 1 and 2, RAS networks and fora will, on day 3, have the opportunity to learn from each other on how to strengthen their functioning to become stronger and more successful players in the agricultural innovation systems in their regions.

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You find on this page more information on the agenda, the objectives, as well as the contents and structure of the thematic part (focussing on the role of RAS in agripreneurship) as well as the functional part (focussing on strengthening capacities of RAS networks).


NIFAAS is providing support for two participants. The support covers ONLY the Round Trip Air Ticket from Nigeria to the event in Limbe, Cameroon. The participants to benefit would be ONE male and ONE female member of NIFAAS…