pest1A new pest of rice has been observed at the experimental field of National Cereals Research Institute, Badeggi, Nigeria. This pest is a threat to rice production. A team of scientist and technicians observed the devastating effect of the pest on rice on 16 August, 2016. The team, led by the Head of Rice Research Programme, S.O. Bakare (Agronomist), A.B. Umaru (Entomologist), Aliyu Abdulrazak, Egbo as well as Jeremiah Baba (General Agric), noted that this is the first observation of the destruction for the past 25 years on rice research at the Station.

pest2The larva was cultured and it emerged as adult on 19 August 2016. Preliminary identification resembles the Melasina spp and of the order Tineidae. However the specific name is still unknown as a versatile taxonomist will be needed to truely identify the pest. The effect was more on FARO 44 and FARO 52 seedlings on nursery bed than FARO 60/61. Partners are hereby invited to help solve this problem together. Suggestions are also welcomed from collaborators outside Nigeria.