NIFAAS Holds Workshop on Climate-Smart Agriculture on 28 January 2021. The training is scheduled to hold in the UI Workers Cooperatives at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The workshop is a part of the project, titled:

Strengthening Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Technologies, Innovations and Management Practices (TIMPs) Knowledge and Uptake to Influence Policy and Practice through Enhanced Partnership Among Key Stakeholders

The project objectives are to:

1. Ascertain CSA knowledge level and need among farmers and agricultural extension agents

2. Develop CSA TIMPs knowledge and capacity of NIFAAS members and select NIFAAS Lead organisations members

3. Identify gaps and barriers to CSA TIMPs uptake among farmers and AEAs and map possible pathways to increased CSA TIMPs uptake

4. Develop documentaries and factsheet for increased knowledge of CSA TIMPs hence enhance uptake

5. Strengthen partnership among key stakeholders in AEAs for improved CSA TIMPs uptake

6. Create enabling environment for CSA promotion and integration into policy

7. Provide recommendations and strategies for mainstreaming CSA into policy

Expected Outcomes of the Project are:

– Farmers and extension agent’s CSA TIMPs knowledge and barriers to uptake documented

– CSA TIMPs knowledge and capacity of selected NIFAAS, FCSAWG members and selected NIFAAS Lead organisations members developed

– Mapping of possible pathways to increasing CSA TIMPs uptake done.

– Major stakeholders would have snapshot information of CSA TIMPs to enhance their uptake of CSA knowledge

– Improve networking and collaboration among key actors in AEAs to improve CSA TIMPs uptake

– Expected uptake of workable and actionable recommendations towards CSA promotion and integration into policy.