NIFAAS is in the process of compiling and publishing success stories in our extension and advisory services. Members are invited to submit such stories for publication. There are many innovations or technologies (used here loosely to mean any new, simple ideas that people are using that have brought immense benefits to users). It could also be methods of analyzing data, measuring variables, indigenous methods of measuring production levels, controlling pests and diseases, etc.

What is a success story?

It is an idea, innovation, technology, process, or indigenous knowledge that has been introduced to farmers and they are successfully using it.

It becomes a success when;

  • Farmers are using it
  • It is better and cheaper than what they were used to,
  • It brings economic benefits to them



Properly outline the innovation

What problem is it solving?

What was the old method?

What are the benefits of the innovation?

*** It is expected that your submission will be illustrated with pictures, diagrams, charts, etc.



All articles are to be submitted before the 31st of December, 2018, to this address;


Prof. Ike Nwachukwu

Vice President, South (NIFAAS)