NIFAAS announces the submission of proposal on Innovations (a Technology/ Process/ Approach/Strategy) ready and worthy of scaling up, for presentation at the next NIFAAS Annual General Meeting. The innovation should be something specific that will increase the small-scale farmers’ production and productivity hence their quality of life.


Innovation is the fulcrum of development especially in the face of low productivity and food insecurity amidst postharvest losses, gender inequality, crises, climate change, population pressure and ineffective interventions. To enhance productivity in agriculture and rural sector, especially for the small scale agriculture value chain actors, effective and efficient technologies, processes, approaches and strategies are necessities. The purpose of the fair is to offer opportunity for Agricultural Extension Advisory Service (AEAS) actors to make a difference by encouraging new solutions to current problems. It is also to foster creativity and critical thinking among actors.


Eligibility: NIFAAS members and all actors in Agricultural Extension Advisory Service (AEAS)- public or private, are invited to make submissions either as Individuals, Groups or Organizations on any innovation that have potential to be scaled up in NIGERIA for the benefit of small-holder farmers. However, being a member of NIFAAS is an added advantage.


Selection Procedure

Submitted proposals will be reviewed by NIFAAS Executive members will review the description of applicant’s concept and will assess it based on set criteria. Shortlisted innovations/entries will be slated for presentation at the NIFAAS Innovation Fair which will hold during NIFAAS Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the University of Ibadan in September, 2017.   At the innovation fair, three innovations will be selected, the best two will be Nigeria’s (NIFAAS) Innovations to be submitted in South Africa later in October/November, 2017.



First- $750US

Second- $500US

Third- $250US

The best two winners will be supported to participate in the Africa-wide Extension Week.

Guidelines for submission of entries

Submission format for proposal is as stated:



-Proposed Objectives

-Preliminary description


-Target beneficiaries, potential impacts, potential risks and mitigating factors

-Monitoring and evaluation

-Potential Costs


Submission should be typed in Times New Roman, font 12, double spacing and should not exceed 5-pages.


Criteria for evaluation

The selection committee will prioritize concept that:

  • Describes something novel, creative and feasible with potential for improving the lots of the Nigerian farmers/ add value to small scale agripreneurs (major beneficiaries).
  • Have been perfected or in the design phase.
  • Is capable of being scaled up.
  • Will benefit a large number of potential beneficiaries
  • Has potential for sustainability

Time line/Deadlines

Submissions must be received no later than August 14, 2017.

Acceptance for presentation – August 31, 2017.


Presentation at the Fair

All accepted entries must be presented on posters.

Presenters will be limited to one slide only, and must also produce a poster that is 20 x 30” in dimension.


Final selection of winners

Judges at the Fair will question and evaluate all entries presented and winners will be announced after the scores would have been added up. The highest, first and second runner-ups will be the three winning applicants

Note: Any submission that does not describe the concept in line with the format provided or falls below specified criteria will be rejected.


Submission of Proposal

Submit your proposal via attachment to, and copy