for-website3The GFRAS facilitator at the Workshop on the New Extensionist and Professionalization of RAS in Nigeria, Ms Hlamalani Ngwenya, expressed her satisfaction with the nation’s umbrella body for all agricultural advisory providers, NIFAAS and stated that it is highly organized. She made this observation while answering questions from members of the Press who were at the Workshop Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 2nd November 2016. Ms Ngwenya, who was renamed ‘Olamidele’ (a Yoruba name roughly translated ‘my wealth would follow me home’) by NIFAAS during the training, facilitated most of the discussion throughout with excitement. It is noteworthy that, the workshop which was organized with support from GIZ, achieved its set out objectives of:

  1. Introducing the new extensionist concept to NIFAAS members
  2. Sensitising and equipping champions on the New extensionist learning kit
  3. Working out modalities for mainstreaming and dissemination the learning kit, and
  4. Kick-starting discussion on professionalisation of extension and rural advisory services in Nigeria, highlighting the role of NIFAASfor-site2