Workshop on the New Extensionist and Professionalization of RAS: Sensitization of the Nigerian Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (NIFAAS)

Date: 2-4 November 2016

Venue: Conference Hall of NAERLS/ABU Zaria

Participant categories: Professionals in Research Institutes, Universities, Colleges of Agriculture and related Institutions, practitioners in both the Federal and States Ministries of Agriculture, NGOs in agriculture and rural development, and farmer-based organizations (FBOs)


  1. To introduce new extensionist concept to NIFAAS members
  2. To sensitise and equip champions on the New extensionist learning kit
  3. To work out modalities for mainstreaming and dissemination of the learning kit
  4. To kick start discussion on professionalization of extension and rural advisory services in Nigeria and the role of NIFAAS


Training Partners

Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS)

AGRIDEA (of Switzerland)